Our Wedding

Following in the footsteps of Jon’s Grandparents, we eloped and were married in Idaho in February.  A close friend performed the ceremony in a beautiful sunny spot located above a waterfall with 360 degree views of mountains and prairie.

Now we want to celebrate with our close family and friends!

Accommodations – Van Zandt is about 30 minutes from both Bellingham and Sedro Woolley (the closest towns with hotels).  Unfortunately, Sedro Woolley is quite limited in options and Bellingham can get very expensive and competitive in the summer.  We do have a block of rooms at the Four Points by Sheraton, they start at $189/night.  Our recommendation however, is to  book an Airbnb or other vacation rentals.  There are a number of different options in the area and some really good choices if you have time to explore.  Van Zandt is just a few miles off of Mount Baker Highway, which has a number of rental options.  Good deals can be found since Mount Baker is our local ski resort and it is the off season.

Activities – August in the Pacific Northwest is pretty much perfect in our opinion, thus why we picked it to celebrate with you!  There are numerous outdoor opportunities in the area to explore and we are happy to help you decide what to do.  Here are a few of our favorite trips in the area;

  • Mount Baker Highway to Artist Point; there are a number of short (and long) hikes to do up there and along the way and the views are incredible.  Along the highway there is our favorite restaurant in the area; The Nork Fork Brewery, it’s definitely worth a stop!
  • Lummi Island; just a short drive from Bellingham and a 10 minute car ferry gets you out of town and on the islands!  Lummi is pretty tiny and there isn’t a lot to do or see, but that’s part of its appeal!  Willows Inn is a very popular resort on the island and has a great small cafe.  Our favorite place for a meal is the Beach Cafe. It is a wonderful spot to grab a meal or beverage and there are a number of beaches to explore around the island.
  • Chuckanut Drive and Edison; Just south of Bellingham, Chuckanut drive used to be the main highway to get from Seattle to Canada.  Now it is a popular scenic highway with amazing views of the San Juans.  Larrabee State park is located along the way and is a great spot to stop for a picnic at the beach.  It is just a short walk to the water from the main park entrance. For those looking for a more adventurous trip, Clayton Beach is a 20 minute hike and is a beautiful sandy beach.  There are also a number of wonderful hikes on the East side of the highway that take you into the Chuckanut Mountains.  Fragrance Lake and Oyster Dome are the most popular and we highly recommend them, if you’ve got time.  For those interested in local seafood, Taylor Shellfish is a great spot to stop.  Continuing down Chuckanut Drive,  you enter Skagit Farmlands and approach one of our favorite small towns; Edison.  It’s a wonderful town to grab a bit to eat and explore.  Sundays they host a small farmers market with live music, Breadfarm, the local bakery, has incredible bread and treats, and The Lucky Dumpster features 100+ local artists creations (including Nicole’s jewelry)

We are really looking forward to celebrating our marriage with everyone in nearby Van Zandt.  We had originally hoped to host everyone at our farm but an ever growing list of projects made that option a little too stressful, plus where would everyone park?  As we develop our land and farm,  we really do look forward to large parties at the farm with all of you, perhaps next year?

Fortunately, we found a great alternative closeby and look forward to sharing the space with you.  There will be a number of outdoor games and activities to enjoy, including roller skating!

Many thanks to our family and friends for your continued support.  It means the world to us.