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The Goats

goat yoga classes in washingtonOur herd of dairy goats helps us clear land, gives us an abundance of delicious milk, and provides constant entertainment. (we refer to it as “Goat TV”)  Here are their bios (photos coming soon!):

Molly – ‘mama molly’ Was the first goat to arrive at Goat Boat Farm. She is stubborn, opinionated, and has more personality than some people. She is also the sweetest and friendliest Goat you’ll come across (as long as you give her what she wants!) Molly is the mom or grandma to the rest of our Goats and is now ‘retired’ from breeding and will spend the rest of her days eating the best grass, sleeping in the best spot in the barn, and telling our dogs who’s boss.

Bernadette – ‘Bernie’ is our extra special mama. She was the last of three to be born, because of which she spent the most time in the birth canal and it made her, well, a little extra special. She’s incredibly sweet, and will often be found hanging out alone staring at a wall in the barn.

Arnadette – ‘Arnie’ is the bossy older sister. The one that always needs to be first and isn’t afraid to push you around if you forget. For those of you who came to yoga last year, you’ll remember her as ‘Brown Chickens’ mom who refused to let him nurse. While she has her sweet moments and loves a good pet, she’s definitely our grumpiest goat.

Ester – ‘EssieBessie’ is our shining star. The sweetest most attentive mama, the best milker, and oh so friendly. While we can’t play favorites… if we had to choose, it’d be Ester.

Margot – oh little Margot. She was one of our babes from last years goat yoga season and we had high expectations from her. Unfortunately, she’s turned into a loud and demanding teenager. Perhaps all the yoga cuddles spoiled her because now if you’re not giving her pets or grain she’s almost always yelling at you to do so!

Elenor – ‘Ellie’ our other female babe from last years goat yoga season. Ellie is pretty much the opposite of Margot, she’s quiet, polite, and couldn’t care less about human attention. She’s turned into a beautiful little girl and we can’t wait until she’s old enough to breed, she’ll make an excellent mama!

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